Mekong, the last journey

“Mekong, the last journey” is a one-man-band movie. A man leaves everything behind and travels all along the Mekong river up to its sources looking for good reasons to live.
“Mekong, l’ultimo viaggio” è un film one-man-band. Un uomo lascia tutto alle sue spalle per risalire il Mekong fino alle sorgenti, cercando buone ragioni per vivere.

The movie “Mekong” can be purchased (subtitled in English) by clicking here or (subtitled in Vietnamese) by clicking here.
“Mekong” lo puoi vedere cliccando qui.

More videoclips:

A man (and a boy) at work (just music)
A pagoda in Vinh Trang (just music)
A tea on the Mekong (just music)
Boat people (just music)
Common people (ENG) (ITA)
Fishin’ in the dark (just music)
Homestay at Thai (just music)
Homestay at Thao Nui (just music)
Il giorno del giallo (ITA)
Le mondariso (ITA)
Lunch at Nguyen’s (ENG) (ITA)
Many rivers to cross (just music)
Massage with Black & Decker (just music)
Mekong Inn (ENG) (ITA)
Mekong, please to meet you (ENG) (ITA)
Phoenix Island (ENG) (ITA)
Sam Mountain (ITA)
Sharing beauty (ENG) (ITA)
Somewhere in Saigon (just music)
The way they sing (ENG) (ITA)
Trust the bus (just music)
What’s going on? (ENG) (ITA)


Khmer party (just music)
Naga (ITA)
O.B.T. children singing (just music)
Sharky’s bar, best R&R in Phnom Penh (ENG)
Wat Phu and Paradise (ENG) (ITA)


Dance Lao way (just music)
Have you ever seen the rain (just music)
I’ll meet you on the other side of the moon (ENG) (ITA)


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Project Details

Client : Mekong
Date : 2015
Skills : film
Address : http://ourMekong.com